Revere FC Bolts Mission and Vision


To identify talented young soccer players and provide them with a comprehensive development plan, ensuring maximum growth and improvement. It is the RFCB athletes’ responsibility to earn a roster spot, as opposed to the coach’s responsibility to give a roster spot. Every day, on the field or off the field, is a chance to move closer to, or farther from being a Revere FC Bolts first team player.


Becoming a Better Player: All RFCB players are expected to take individual responsibility for their growth and development. You spend only a fraction of your time performing in public in front of your parents, friends, college and national team coaches and professional scouts. The bulk of your work is done in private, on the training ground. This is the work that counts. A great player is the one who makes few mistakes; a truthful player comes off the field concerned about the mistakes he’s made and how he is going to correct them.
Personal Responsibility: At the end of the each practice, each player must ask himself, “What did I learn today?” and “How am I a better player?” Look at yourself and accept responsibility.
Personal Commitment: If you want to make it as a player, you have to be fully committed and willing to make sacrifices like eating a proper diet, working on days off and separating yourself from bad influences.
Personal Choice: Distance yourself from trouble – you are now in a unique situation as a player. Surround yourself with players and friends who have the same agenda as you: an elite soccer player.
Practice “Permanently”: Practice makes perfect. Practice perfectly. Practice makes the player. The game is the ultimate proof that you are a player practicing perfectly. IF the training is wrong, the results won’t be right!
Personal Attitude: Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? Take the field prepared to train every practice.
Personal Challenge: In every game you have to WIN THE INDIVIDUAL BATTLE with the opponent in your own area of the pitch. Law of Culmination: A lot of little things add up to the things that matter. Know your role and execute to the best of your abilities.


It is our goal to offer these players optimal opportunities to gain the recognition that will enable them to achieve continued success as athletes on the country’s top collegiate teams, United States national teams, and/or professional soccer teams.