The academic component of RFCB is an optional academic mentoring program that will consist primarily of tutoring. The main purpose of the weekly meeting is to foster a caring, stable relationship with the student. Depending on the needs of the child and family, the mentoring can take place more frequently.

For the academic portion of the program, RFCB has formed a partnership with Boston College.  By partnering with Boston College, participants will be exposed not only to the lives of successful collegiate student-athletes, but also to the awe inspiring, positive environment of higher learning.  RFCB seeks to create a challenging, educational and competitive program in which the participants maximize their potential and learn teamwork, sportsmanship and citizenship.  Soccer provides the opportunity for the students to achieve their full potential both on the field and in the classroom.


Tutoring Sessions are held after training on Thursdays at Immaculate Conception from 745-845.  Be sure be bring homework!!