The landscape of US Soccer is changing and it has become quite apparent that challenging young players to compete against top European opposition is the best way to develop US Soccer as a whole. This is easier said than done, however, it can be accomplished by having all youth soccer teams attend Soccer Tours to Europe at a young age (14) in order to help propel their development.

Ever since Jurgen Klinsmann took the reigns as head coach of the US Mens National Team there has been a major shift in the way we think about developing young American talent. Klinsman feels that we should look to challenge our best players by pushing them to ply their trade in Europe. This idea is simple, in order to get better as a player you must keep pushing yourself to compete at higher and higher levels, and the best soccer in the World is played in Europe.

This is a very exciting time in US Soccer as more and more players are starting to head over to Europe and show the world that the United States can produce top level premier league players. If this continues at the level we are going right now, we could see the United States rise as a top contender in the World and hopefully one day be competing in a World Cup Final.