Coach Cesar Salazar
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REVERE FC BOLTS is a club that takes player development very seriously and we ensure to take the appropriate measures for your child’s development. We understand that each player has their own developmental journey and we are willing to guide them every step of the way.

What Is Player Development?

Our player development focuses on how we can help our young players to grow physically, technically, and tactically sound. Adding on to that, we instill key values to our teams such as resiliency, so they are always positively responding to any challenges in the way. At Revere FC Bolts we provide a safe environment where kids can take risks to grow as soccer players and human beings.


Technically speaking, we work to help our players to be sharp with soccer-specific movements, especially under pressure and applying game-like scenarios. This could be a soccer player beating a defender one-versus-one, or heading the ball , our coaches reinforce these game-like competitions weekly, and we hold our players accountable to accomplish practice assignments on their own time.


Tactically we help our players move off the ball, anticipate the next play, understand the role of their position, and think creatively without too many coaching directions from the sideline.


More on the mental side of the game, we help our players to pull themselves out of hardship, tackle adversity with poise, use nerves as fuel to perform at a high level, and be forgiving of themselves for their mistakes.


We understand that the emotions through wins, losses and rankings get in our way, but we all need to remind ourselves daily that our mission as coaches is to help our young athletes become their best selves on and off the field.

In the club more then 90% of the player are registered full time, which means we are working in each of the four seasons to acomplish our goal of full developing our players and it’s reflected in the quality of our alumni.


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